Every therapist at Clear View Counseling has sought therapy at some point in their lives. It is because of their own experience overcoming hardships through therapy that they are able to excel in their line of work and help others do the same.

We focus on being: genuine, approachable & collaborative.

Zac Grisham
Zac GrishamLPC-Supervisor
Diplomate, Academy of Cognitive Therapy ADHD-CCSP (Certified ADHD Professional)
Kathleen Schofield
Kathleen SchofieldMA, LPC
Kathleen understands that clients are often uncertain about how or where to begin in therapy, and she encourages the development of positive emotions, feelings, and healthy outcomes.
Chanel Atkinson
Chanel AtkinsonMA, LPC, NCC
I am a firm believer of meeting people where they are in life.